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Sunday, January 24, 2010


(I wrote this in my journal in December and ran across it again recently so I thought I’d share it with you.)

Today is a day to choose joy.

Stop mourning over past sins and mistakes. Let Godly sorrow have its work and lead you to repentance. Repent! And then choose joy!

In Nehemiah, chapter 8, the people of Israel were listening to the words of God’s Law being read once again in their home-land. God was restoring Israel. She had previously been exiled for her stubbornness and sinful rebellion. Now she was being restored.

When Ezra read the Law, the people wept and grieved for they now recognized their sinfulness. They were heart-broken.

God had used sorrow to bring them to true repentance. Then, Nehemiah the prophet spoke to the people: “No more weeping! This is a sacred day to the Lord. Do not mourn, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!”

God blessed that day. He was so excited. His people had returned to Him, not only by location, but in the repentance of their hearts! Glory Hallelujah!

He said: “Rejoice! Have a festival! Celebrate! Enjoy! Eat choice foods! Drink sweet drinks! Share your food and drinks with others. Party! Because God gives you joy! In return for your heart-repentance, He places joy in your hearts --- deep down inside of you. And this joy shall be your strength!”

So today: Choose joy ! ! ! Let Godly sorrow do its perfect work and bring you to true repentance of your sins, then look up? God will pour His joy from heaven into your heart, all over you ‘til it runs from you to others. Rejoice! The kingdom of God is at hand and it’s a joyful one. He’s setting the banquet table right now. Party!

Thank You God that You know me. Thank You that You loved me so much that You sent Your Son Jesus to pay with His own life for my very sins. Thank You Jesus for being obedient to God, even in sorrow, joyfully looking forward to our reunion with Him because of Your great sacrifice.

I love YOU, Lord! Please now, make me obedient to You in the same way so that I will rejoice every day knowing that my face-to-face eternal encounter with You is getting closer by the minute.

Bee Joyful!