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Friday, October 22, 2010

"Miss Abby"

Here's a story that I felt like the Lord gave me before I got up last Sunday morning. Enjoy!

She was approaching marrying age. She was beautiful --- “show-stopping” gorgeous. She had kept herself chaste. She was a pure delight! Soon she would belong to someone.

She had hopes and dreams. She sang as she went about her work. She wanted children, a dozen of them --- maybe more! They would be joyful, jubilant, strong and true, fit for the service of the king! She already had names for some of them picked out and tucked away in her heart.

News came! She was chosen and swept away to the king’s palace herself. She was given every spa treatment the palace could offer. Her clothing was made to fit only her and constructed of the very finest fibers. Finally the day came. She was presented to the King.

He was old now, very old. She had been sought out by his very best advisors for a purpose --- to keep him warm when he slept.

She lay there awake. She was still, on the outside --- but inside, full of energy and questions. “Why God?” she whispered --- unanswered prayers, unfulfilled hopes. She would never have children, see their smiling faces, hear the word “mama.” She would not know the joy of being one man’s one wife, the thrill of living and comfort of growing in years and companionship with her life’s partner.

It had all been sacrificed --- offered on the altar and she didn’t even have a say. The sadness started to wash into her like the rising tide. She withdrew a little, then caught herself.

“No! I have many things to be thankful for,” she thought. “I live like a queen. All my needs are met in abundance. I only have one task to perform and that’s simple enough. I’m well-respected. No one could ask for more, …”

Then it caught her eye, a tear on the old man’s cheek. She stared at him in the half darkness. Many nights she had lain there hearing his sleep noises, groans of pain when he turned, a light snore, a jerk, a caught breath indicating a disturbing dream. She watched him.

He had been a mighty warrior and a well-loved king. He had led the men to battle and fought for them while they fought for him. He was a humble shepherd boy that had come to shepherd God’s chosen people, and he did --- he cared for each of them from the least to the greatest with equal concern. He was a man after God’s own heart.

She was filled with compassion. His hair was white now and thinning. His musculature had shrunken mercilessly from age. The renowned king now shuddered trying to keep his bones warm.

He opened his eyes. Tears of "knowing" rolled down to his wrinkled chin. He smiled and gently reached over to touch her cheek.

“Abishag,” he said. “I appreciate your kindness. I know your sacrifice. I may be old now, but I was once young, full of ambition and expectations too. You have given up everything in order to care for me. It won’t be for naught.”

Weeks went by. Then months. Some time later the old man died, but not before she knew him more intimately than anybody else had, not physically, but uniquely as his closest companion. She was with him every waking hour, ministering to his every need.

He told her of his life and loves, heartaches and hopes, children, soldiers and wives. Most of all, he told her of a God who cared for her more than any human could --- One who wanted only the best for her and loved her no matter what --- a God she could trust!

As she walked through the palace courtyard, the children ran to her. “Miss Abby,” they called. “Tell us a story.” She sat down on the bench in the courtyard that she came to every day. The servants’ children and even some of their grandchildren crowded in to hear what Miss Abby had to say.

For years she taught the children there. The eldest ones grew and new ones came along. She taught them about God. “Our God is a god even kings can trust,” she would say. “He cares about everybody from the least to the greatest. He knows each of your needs. He knows your hopes and dreams, your disappointments and your failures. He’s intimately acquainted with your tears as well as your joys. He rejoices over YOU with His love. One day, He has promised to send another King from the line of King David. He will wipe every tear off all of our faces. He will shepherd us in His fold and take us to live with Him in His kingdom forever. Praise God! Hallelujah for He reigns for ever more!” The children cheered and hugged her as she rose and started to walk away.

“Thank You, God!” she whispered in prayer. “You have made the barren woman a happy mother of children. You’ve turned my sorrow into joy and I’ll dance in Your kingdom forever and ever. Amen!”

… Then, she twirled and skipped away!!!

Some references in scripture came from 1 Kings 1:1-4, Isaiah 25:8, Isaiah 54:1, Psalm 30:11-12.